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Artificial cellulose casings

MeThe perfect casing for each salami
The cellulose casings offered by our company are based on the experience and the survey combined with top-notch technology. In the last 70 years, the cellulose casings have become the industry standard and continue to be on the first place regarding innovation. The certified production process guarantees products of the best quality.

We can offer you all types of cellulose casings for all sort of meat products that you want to create. For the smoke treatment of the salami we gladly recommend you the cellulose casings.

Smokable casings with controlled adherence to the meat paste.

The cellulose casings are based on tests taken during different decades. These are smokable and breathable, and their properties are including consistency, easy work on the automated machines and also strength. The cellulose casings have optimal properties of preservation of the product.


The artificial cellulose casings have been specially created for the production of all types of salami: dried, boiled, boiled and smoked, semi-dried, etc. The wide range of usage offers the ideal casing for any kind of salami: sliced products, salami, Liver Sausage, smoked salami, etc.

During the smoking and drying process, the casings react perfectly to all process changes, giving to the meat products a very good presentation. The cellulose casings can be filled manually, with the semi-automatic machine or with automatic machines, at high speed.

The range of cellulose casings offers solutions for a variety of meat products and as-well for specialties. The cases have a good adherence to the meat paste depending on the process to be taken and it's offering the best de-sheeting characteristics of the casing for each salami type.

Available calibers:
  • From 40 mm to 170 mm

Available colors:
  • Natural, black, red, white, garnet red, palisander, amber, mould imitation, honeycomb imitation.

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